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Peruvian Ocean Prime

  • $ 60.00

Our Virgin Peruvian Hair is sourced from Cerro De Pasco, A region in Central Peru.  All hair donors are below 35 yrs old & each bundle of peruvian hair is sourced from one single donor. Peruvian Hair is durable and long lasting yet soft and silky making it of 8a quality. Our Virgin peruvian hair Is only available in hand weft, there are huge benefits to this as it makes the hair very light and flexible when installed which ultimately provides a very natural look. Tightly hand wefts are to ensure minimal to no shedding once installed. All Reigning peruvian Hair can be washed and will retain its natural curl and then straighten with ease. This is a fantastic choice when looking for the ultimate look. All Reigning Peruvian Hair has been washed prior to purchase. 

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